Boys Wooden Carpenter Tool Box Handyman Pretend Play Set


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Little Handyman Easy Carry Tool Box Set

Great educational toy

Great fun


There are various tools in the workshop, such as hammer, wrench, saw, etc. Great for hand, eye, brain coordination and fine motor skills. 

Children get familiar with their abilities through their own practice and learn different tools

Each piece is crafted from quality, all natural wood.

All pieces are thoughtfully crafted with non-toxic child-safe materials.

Some small components cause this toy not suit for child less than 3 years old. Kids should be under adult’s supervise when play this toy.










Made with rubber wood
Tested to be safe and durable
Suitable for 3+
Dimensions(LWT): 25cm x 20cm x 16cm
Weight: 1.4kgs

Hours of family fun

Weight 3 kg
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